Our Story

Serving since 2001

ECI Solutions has been in the technology business since 2001. We started out as a company selling printer and copier services. From there onwards, we have evolved into a multi-platform business solutions provider that have one goal in mind – to maximise the returns for our client’s IT investments.

Within the last decade, the technology landscape has changed tremendously. New trends have emerged resulting in a sea of change in the way companies do business. Across the board, companies these days are constantly on the lookout for solutions that will give them an edge over their competition. As such, we are constantly striving for ways to provide our customers with an experience that will allow them to achieve their business objectives.

We believe that the strategies implemented for driving customer business performance and enhancing customer satisfaction will ultimately translate into improving our own business performance. This will allow us to reward our shareholders for their faith in us. In order to fulfil this promise, we have also made a commitment to improve our productivity yield. We have invested significantly in developing measurements over our resource utilization because it is imperative that all our resources are employed to their most optimum potential.

Our Mission

It is crucial that we understand our clients’ environment and challenges. While we will continue to leverage on our strong partnerships with globally renowned partners to provide customers with innovative technology, we view technology merely as an enabler in improving their business performance. Our main aim is to enhance our value proposition by maximizing the returns on their IT investments.

Goals & Objectives


50% of office waste is paper. Often, these papers are printed as part of an antiquated workflow process. There are new digital solutions that can help reduce this unnecessary printing and paper waste. ECI aim to help our clients reduce printing costs by identifying the problem areas and tackle the problem head-on.


Every Minute Spent Is Money Spent. ECI Solutions test and evaluate our products intensively before they are shipped to our clients. With this in mind, our clients can have a piece of mind knowing that achieving minimum downtime is our priority.


Toner loop mechanism! Our copiers’ original toner loop mechanism, which collects, circulates and reuses any toner that has not been transferred to the paper, is utilised for almost all monochrome multifunction printers and laser printers. This process realises resource conservation by reducing the normally 5 to 10% of wasted toner to zero.


Choose the right technology to increase the productivity. ECI Solutions provides the right guidance in adopting the most suitable technologies to make your staff more productive and more efficient.


Go clean and green! Whether you are an individual or a business, eco-printing is a step in the right direction to sustainability. Eco-friendly Printing is something everyone, including companies, can do right away to get stunning eco-friendly prints while saving the planet in the process.
As part of our environmental commitment, we offer machines that include several eco-friendly features such as (1.) renewable organic resource that generates considerably less C02 than conventional toner. (2.) Eco timer that can be programmed to turn off during lunch and wakes up when it senses user approaching the panel surface and wakes up in just 20 seconds. (3.) The use of PC/PET and bioplastics, which results in lower environmental impact as it uses less petroleum-based resources and emits less CO2 during its lifecycle. (4.) Low TEC value. TEC is a globally recognised measurement of a device’s power consumption. Our machines have very low TEC values. The lower the TEC rating, the less power the device consumes.